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Teaching Christians How To Deal With The Gays

Image: Westside Church

Would it surprise you that there is a movement designed to teach so-called Christian audiences and pastors how to deal with 2S-LGBTQIA+ people? It isn’t about welcoming and affirming them. It teaches how to demonstrate toxic love toward this special group of sinners, and attempts to give credence to the disproven theory that what they refer to as “same-sex attraction” can be overcome by faith in God.

If you’re looking for a full dose of passive-aggressive homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia this conference Is God Anti-Gay material is for you. One audience member asked the minister speaking at this conference if being gay is demonic. The answer was “I wouldn’t say it is more influenced by Satan than other types of sin.” Sam Allberry travels the world speaking as an expert on this topic and admits to dealing with a same-sex attraction. In other words, he is a gay man who represses his sexual orientation. He writes and speaks for Ravi Zacharias Ministries whose founder was exposed for decades of sexual and spiritual abuse.

The Westside Church in Vancouver that hosted this conference is the organization behind the Pentecostal Praxis Church in Kelowna that was in the news recently over its homophobic doctrine. The Praxis Church recently promoted this conference website on their social media platforms to help their members deal with the 2S-LGBTQIA+ community.