Anna-Lyn Albers (they/them) is a queer/bi/pan, gender non-conforming person who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Sexuality Studies from the University of Calgary (2020); having recently moved to the traditional, unceded territory of the sqilxʷ/syilx (Okanagan) People. Since graduating, they have spent time in both frontline and administrative non-profit roles. During their time as a resident in both Calgary and Vancouver they developed experience in addictions support, disability support, and immigrant and refugee support. Throughout their personal, and work life they remain passionate about harm reduction, transformative justice, feminism, disability, BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ justice. They are currently employed with the Central Okanagan Foundation as the Community Entity Coordinator for Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy.

Christine White identifies as a lesbian and a queer person and uses the pronouns she/her. She moved to Kelowna, British Columbia, the unceded traditional lands of the Syilx nation, with her wife and their two children in 2009. Christine has been active in 2S-LGBTQIA+ organizations since the mid-90s, in the greater Vancouver area and the Okanagan, including the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Vancouver Co-op Radio, and Kelowna Pride. She is also involved in the newly created Kelowna 50+ Pride Network. Having spent half her career working as a federal civil servant, and the other half in the finance industry, Christine has consistently been a Diversity and Inclusion ambassador in the workplace and has always been seen as a leader in Pride employee resource groups, promoting education and awareness. 

Dr. Pierre Rondier (he/him/his) is an Institutional Programs Officer at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. Pierre is originally from France and has spent the last 20 years in Canada. Pierre holds Master’s and PhD degrees in urban planning and a postdoctoral fellowship in civil engineering. Prior to moving to Kelowna 6 years ago, he worked at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre in a research laboratory focusing on studying the social and environmental determinants of healthy aging.  Pierre’s areas of expertise include project management, stakeholder engagement, data analysis and grant proposal development. Pierre is particularly interested in working to identify inclusive and aging-in-place housing solutions that meet the needs of the LGBTQ2AI+ community.

Wilbur Turner (he/him/his) is the Chair and Founder of Advocacy Canada and is a Program Coordinator, Health Promotion at Health Initiative for Men. His social and political awareness of issues that impact the 2S-LGBTQIA+ (queer) community inspired him to create this non-profit organization. He identifies as gay and queer and resides in Kelowna, BC on the unceded traditional lands of the Syilx peoples. He contributes on many levels to 2S-LGBTQIA+ rights locally and internationally. He is also the 2SLGBTQIA+ sector representative on Kelowna’s Community Advisory Board on Homelessness. Wilbur previously led the Kelowna Pride, Fierté Canada Pride, and Living Positive Resource Centre, boards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite and amplify queer voices and their allies in the community to effect positive change on important issues that makes a lasting difference.

We acknowledge the positive impact that local Pride organizations have had in the community and believe that will further strengthen their work. While Pride organization’s main focus is producing an annual festival, we believe our non-profit will play a vital role in focusing on specific issues that need to be addressed.

Our Current Work

We are committed to learning about the diverse needs of 2SLGBTQ+ seniors in the areas of health, housing, and community in the Okanagan area.

Our initial focus in this area will be on fundraising to enable a research project specific to housing needs.

We have also established the Kelowna 50+ Pride Network to support a social network of peers.